Thousands of Conferences Have Been Canceled, But Not This Conference… COSCUP 2020 Day 1 Highlight

Day 1 — COSCUP staff was handing out a welcome kit to the participant
Opening by ANT
Rico Lin, the vice-chair of the technical committee at OpenStack
Bess Lee, the secretary-general of the g0v Jothon
A-Ding, the founder of Lightbox Photography Library
The Mask Map Team (Photo Credit: GDG Community)
Fay, an intellectual property expert
shiashia, a COSCUP volunteer for more than 10 years
Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of the Executive Yuan, and Chien-Hung Huang, the Director of the Kuandu Museum of Art
Our lovely sponsors: 5G, Appier, MOXA, Oracle, KKBOX
COSCUP Day 1 closing



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COSCUP 是由台灣開放原始碼社群聯合推動的年度研討會,起源於 2006 ,是台灣自由軟體運動重要的推動者之一。 COSCUP is an annual conference held by Taiwanese Open source community participants since 2006.